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Many of our artists have already appeared in television commercials, promotional videos, and other media. Besides being great for catching people's attention, Xtreme Hand Sportz are an innovative way to promote your products/service. If you would like to hire an artist for your project, please contact us and we will get you in direct contact with the most suitable artists.

Superhandz has contacts with the best manipulators in the world and will work with you on getting the right person for the job!

Check out our recent commercials for Eplus on YouTube - featuring Pen Spinning  AND  Coin Manipulation

X-treme News

2007 Superhandz World XCM Tournament

2007 World XCM Tournament - The 2007 World XCM Tournament started with 41 competitors from around the world and is almost finished.  Who is the best up and coming XCM artists in the world?  Click here to find out.

2006 Superhandz World XCM Tournament Results

Fatfingerz 2006 Superhandz Tournament WinnerTHE 2006 SUPERHANDZ WORLD XCM TOURNAMENT commenced on 14 April 2006, and after 60 battles and almost 120 videos, it ended 7 1/2 months later claiming the top 3 of 30 international competitors! This tournament allowed rising expert xtreme card manipulators around the globe to compete for prizes and the 2006 Superhandz World XCM Tournament Champion title! Competitors were put through 9 grueling challenges of their card mastery. Each round was designed to challenge their skill, creativity, and artistic style. So who are the top 3 rising card manipulators in the world?

1rst place - FATFINGERZ - Fengyuan City, Taiwan

2nd place - LOOM - Buenos Aires, Argentina

3rd place - WEBGHOST - California, USA

Superhandz would like to congratulate each one of the incredible Xtreme Card Manipulators on their wins and dedication to the art.

Superhandz in TV Commercials
Since 2001 Superhandz has been involved in promoting and pushing various handsports. Our featured artists have appeared on television shows and commercials accross the country, such as Fly Pentop for Leapfrog, Nokia, and many more. Superhandz was the inspiration for the latest EPLUS ad campaign, and De'vo was flown out to Berlin to work with the company on the 8 television spots that feature pen spinning, XCM, coin manipulation and hand movements. Most recently, our pen spinning videos have inspired Jakks Pacific, one the world's largest toy company, to make products for pen spinning. Kam has been working with Jakks on Spinz, a line of pens designed specifically for spinning.

If you are a company looking for some manipulation to spice up your productions, look no further. Superhandz has the world's best manipulators, world record holders, and years of experience to make your productions stand out from the crowd. Contact us at: for your manipulation needs.

Xtreme Beginnerz 2nd Edition DVDNew Handlordz Store
We now have 2 stores.  One located in the U.S. - and one in Germany -  Our stores have the hottest manipulation products in the world, the best customer service and outstanding prices.

And the Xtreme Beginnerz Vol II DVD is on the way.  Learn card throwing, special XCM moves, and much much more from the world's best manipulators!  Hosted by Angela Funovits as seen on NBC's Phenomenon show with Criss Angel and Uri Gellar. Starring De'vo vom Schattenreich, Jerry Cestkowski, Ciappi, Rick Smith Jr. and several other artists.  Check out a sneak peek here.

UPSB + Pendolsa Collaboration 1

New PS Videos and Fan Pics

New Videos: Every since our first Pen Spinning video hit the web, Pen Spinning has grown tremendously in popularity. Over the last few years, several communities have been developed around the sport of Pen Spinning. Among them, the two largest communities of pen spinners (UPSB and Pendolsa) have combined efforts to bring you some of the best freestyle in pen spinning. Enjoy part 1 and part 2 of this amazing video, brought to you by Superhandz.

Also, our Downloads section is constantly being updated with small addition, like the new tattoo pics from Jonathan Hoff. Don't forget to check out often and get your free goodies.

UPSB + Pendolsa Collaboration 2

Superhandz of the Year Awards

Every year, Superhandz recognizes some of the most skilled manipulators in the world with a Superhandz of the Year Award. Each of these individuals have shown extreme dedication and skill in their field.

Emily Fox - 2003 Superhandz of the Year
See Emily's World Record Sport Stacking Video
Kam - 2004 Superhandz of the Year
See Kam's Pen Spinning Video
2005 Superhandz of the Year Greg Irwin
See Greg's Xtreme Digits Video

In 2003, Emily Fox won the 2003 Superhandz Of The Year Award for her amazing skills. Her video was download over 1 1/2 million times and we received comments from all over the world about her. We presented Emily the 2003 Superhandz Of The Year Award for her superior skills in Sport Stacking.

In 2004, the Superhandz of the Year Award went to Kam. Kam's pen spinning video has by far the most downloads of any superhandz video. His in-human superhandz skills has earned him our highest honor and title.

In 2005, Greg Irwin was selected to be our Superhandz of the Year award winner. His unbelievable hand skills and dedication to his art earned him the title. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the Xtreme Digits videos in our Videos page. Also, if you want to learn more about Xtreme Digits or Greg Irwin's Finger Fitness series, visit his site at

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